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Greetings, Titled!

Firstly, before anything else, we would like to stress that this week's motive is about a particular disease from a specific canon which can, in time, cause suicidal thoughts in those infected by it. As such, if you decide to play your character having or doing anything with developing suicidal ideation, we ask that you please put trigger warnings on all comment headings related to any situation which develops into such - not just top levels, but every comment in a thread where it might happen. Suicide and suicidal ideations are not to be done lightly, and there are individuals both in this game and out who may be legitimately harmed by reading unchecked comments. Thus, in regards to threads in Week 3, if you fail to properly label comments and we find out, we will delete them. We also ask that players respond to this post to acknowledge that they have read this.

The disease itself, outside of suicidal ideations, has one other primary symptom: it changes a character's perceptions of time, slowing down the brain's ability to process everything around them while simultaneously tricking the brain into thinking it is taking in more information than normal. Time itself seems to speed up, making one second seem almost three times as long (as it is in fact over two seconds in real time), while the brain is simultaneously trying to take in the same amount of information it would have when uninfected. For characters infected this alteration of perception will result in feeling overwhelmed by the information their mind is taking in because everything is apparently happening slower than normal, a sensation which will strengthen as days goes by.

On a much lesser note, there are also several people who, due to the nature of their Titles or through mod roll, are not infected. They are:

Futaba Sakura
Harley Quinn
Killua Zoldyck

The effects of the sickness will disappear on Friday, and characters will be cured in time for the start of the Inquisition.

If you have any questions, please contact the mods through plurk, Discord, or Dreamwidth messages.

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