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The Fifteen Strangers Mods ([personal profile] strangerpeople) wrote in [community profile] notasstrange2017-06-24 04:25 pm
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Post-Game HMD


It's time for an HMD! As it is the end of the game, we welcome everyone to come and give feedback to the mods as to how we did/are doing/what we could do better next time. Because...well, let's be honest, we definitely plan on doing a next round, but we also know we could tweak a few things to make the next round even better! We'd love to hear from you, so we can know what to do better next round, and in the future. We also welcome players to post here, if they would like some feedback from their fellow players!

Lastly: thank you! We want to thank everyone for making this first round an amazing experience, and we hope to see you guys in the future, for round 2!

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