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Post-Game HMD


It's time for an HMD! As it is the end of the game, we welcome everyone to come and give feedback to the mods as to how we did/are doing/what we could do better next time. Because...well, let's be honest, we definitely plan on doing a next round, but we also know we could tweak a few things to make the next round even better! We'd love to hear from you, so we can know what to do better next round, and in the future. We also welcome players to post here, if they would like some feedback from their fellow players!

Lastly: thank you! We want to thank everyone for making this first round an amazing experience, and we hope to see you guys in the future, for round 2!
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I already gave a few things as feedback before, but would like to add some stuff.

I'm going to second Des' comment about NPCs being heavily involved in cases. Cases 2 and 3 were a lot harder than they needed to be because they had NPC involvement and us players were looking to PCs as potential culprits. It might not have been so bad if our characters knew about Babette and Farkas. I also think it really caused the cases to lose something since cases tend to be more emotional when it's someone we know. It might have been better if Babette and/or Farkas accidentally revealed themselves at some point and we got a chance to get to know them.

I also feel Ai would have been better as a punishment rather than as a victim. That was another thing that made the second case hard, our characters knew nothing of her, didn't know she even had existed since the player was MIA, etc. Normally characters like that get removed via punishment. I get that was beyond your control, but I do think that case would have been much better if there was someone involved that the characters knew.

Now that being said, I do find it awesome how you guys were so flexible and willing to work with us and our crazy ideas that often came up at the last minute. A good mod team is going to be flexible and open to the fact that players have crazy ideas and you guys did well there. I do think this game had what is likely the best death via punishment and that came because you guys were open and receptive to my crazy idea.

One other thing I want to bring up is with deadland. I know some of the issues there was due to inactive players being involved in the cases, but I do feel there was definitely an issue that had I not volunteered to off my character, poor Yusuke would have been pretty much alone. I also felt it was very obvious that deadland was overlooked a lot because the mods were busy with the living, which is fine and how it should be. I've found the games with the best deadlands have a mod who is dedicated to deadland plots first, and only helps with stuff on the living side as needed. It's fine to have no deadland or one light on plot, but if that is going to be the case it's good for players to be aware of this.

However, I do want it to be known that overall the game was great and I think you guys did a good job addressing the issues that were brought up about the mock trial and made a fun game. I'm glad I took a chance and apped even if it did come because I didn't get into my first choice and I really appreciate you guys working with me. I hope in round 2 we get just as fun of a playerbase and hopefully less issues with inactivity.