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LEVIA. ([personal profile] coldsouls) wrote in [community profile] notasstrange 2017-04-23 10:19 pm (UTC)

Well, the game was definitely an enjoyable time. I definitely regret being absent a small amount for my part during the investigation--I was absent because a friend from out of town I hadn't seen in literal months was visiting and I hadn't expected my appointment to run on two hours, but it did. By the time I got back, literally everything seemed to have already been found, and the Inquisition was already posted, so I already felt like I couldn't add to anything, so I decided right then, "okay, Levia was suspiciously absent particularly because she was probably in her room, trying to cope with the fact she told her brother not to murder someone, and he still did, because he's a shit." Also because she was psyching herself up--she knew she'd take his fall when he was eventually discovered, if he was eventually discovered.

I vowed I would not let things slide in the Inquisition. I did my best part to make sure Levia was there as much as I could make her be after that, down to having her eventually confess to try to throw people off, and so forth--we practically gave them the better "bad end" option if they really wanted to choose that.

All they had to do, was to vote "Levia Barisol" instead of Behemo. It wouldn't have been hard. That was the Bad End my wife and I agreed would have been much more enjoyable, from her playing the culprit's standpoint.

This just feels flat; it's not really a victory, it's more of a loss for all of us. Why everyone disappeared, I can't personally say, but I definitely don't think it's your fault. You stated clearly and obviously in your reserve rules that if the players did not have time to play, don't reserve. And yet people did not listen. My wife and I living disabled have all the time in the world, so we knew we would have that time.

I think the other problem is on everyone who reserved. They must have thought, "oh, it's a mock round, I don't have to take it seriously." That's my best guess--they thought of it as a voice-test, and little more. This really disappoints me, because I think you made it pretty blatant from the get-go that's not what this was.

So I'd really like to hear why people weren't around, but regardless, I think in the future possibly considering enforcing the rule of "if they are not present, they're put on the victim slate instead" might be a good idea.

I have to say, this was my testrun for a first murdergame. My first murdergame, ever. I wanted to learn the ropes--to learn how they work, to try my best to understand how it functions. And... it's really disillusioning and feels like maybe I shouldn't try again on some level if people are going to be this lackadaisical about them. But that's just probably my lack of confidence talking more then anything else, just pointless worry, saying, "what if I app into a main round and this happens again?"

I'm just... really disappointed the first round I was ever apart of ended up this way, but nonetheless, I do still want to emphasize I overall enjoyed it, and I appreciate all your hard work.

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