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Hello there, Ms. Ni. I heard you were looking for feedback even from people who were just watching the game so I hope that my comment is not unwelcome. My name's Lenga and I was a moderator of this game Parasomnia ([community profile] parasomnic). Apparently you've heard of it and I'm super touched! I have been watching this game as well and I will definitely say the setting and several details were very interesting.

I have a couple questions that I want to ask beforehand so I can make sure that I completely understand the situation.

The motive for the week will go up on Tuesday, and the body discovery log will be up on Friday, between 12pm-2pm EST. In-game, this means the start of the Inquisition, as it is ICly called, which is divided into the investigation and trial phases. During the investigation, clues will be distributed by the moderators depending on progress. Players will have until midnight EST to wrap up the investigation. If there are still clues left uncovered at that time, they will be lost forever.

The trial will be posted on Saturday between 12 pm-2pm EST, and players will have until midnight EST to figure out the culprit. If a culprit is not found and the vote not called this is considered a default, and the game will immediately bad end - there are no saves.

There will also be a minimal participation requirement for trials - i.e. a certain percentage of players must participate in the trial for a successful overall outcome even if the culprit is uncovered. If this requirement is not met players will be locked out of a good ending, even if they make it to endgame.

  1. The above quoted text was that way from the beginning and not recently edited. True or false?
  2. True or false? There are exactly two possible trial outcomes, one of the following: [A] a simple majority of the votes (in this case 8 out of 15) are cast for the culprit, and only the culprit is executed; [B] some lower number of votes (in this case 7 out of 15) are cast for the culprit, and everyone except the culprit is executed.
  3. If the other votes are already unanimous, the correctness of a vote has no effect on the individual character's outcome. True or false?
  4. There exists a "trial participation requirement". True or false?
  5. The aforementioned "trial participation requirement", should it exist, does not affect who lives or dies at the end of the trial. True or false?

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