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The Fifteen Strangers Mods ([personal profile] strangerpeople) wrote in [community profile] notasstrange2017-05-06 06:39 pm

Quick FAQ Clarifications, CRAU Question and Reserve Opening Time Announcement

A few things which came up in the FAQ and elsewhere, which, as the clock winds down to reserves opening, would be a good thing to clarify!

-Someone pointed out that we had messed up a bit on the numbers for the game's minimum age. So we're making it clear that the maturity clause means that our hard minimum age is 13, not 12! We have updated the FAQ to reflect this fixed mistake.

-Someone asked about Airlocked CRAUs being accepted into the game. After some discussion, we've decided that at the present, because of the nature of Airlocked, we will not be taking CRAUs from Airlocked until after their round 4 at the very earliest, if not until after the game had properly wrapped up. So we won't be accepting them this round. Depending on how long Airlocked goes on, this may also apply to the next iteration of 15 Strangers, but we will keep you informed about this as we decide on when a second round will be.

-Finally, reserves open tomorrow at noon, EST! We hope to see you there!

Until tomorrow!

-The 15 Strangers Mods