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The Fifteen Strangers Mods ([personal profile] strangerpeople) wrote in [community profile] notasstrange2017-05-11 08:50 am

Quick Application/FAQ Clarifications and Regarding Reserve Drops

Just a very quick but important update!

-In regards to applications, its two things! The first is regarding samples. Samples can be from anywhere as long as they fit the requirements stated on the applications page. Previously, the applications page had not stated this outright and potential players had pointed out that it looked like players could only used the TDM for their samples, or from previous murdergames (which would be difficult of those players aren't CRAUS) that they had to be from scratch. This has since been clarified!

-In regards to memories, characters are not required to lose only memories from between their assumed canon point and true canon point. They can lose any memory that is significant to them. This has been updated on the FAQ.

-Another new FAQ clarification regarding characters from a canon with an English release that is one month old or less - These will be looked at on a case-by-case basis, and if they are accepted, players will be asked to put up a post in their journal for other players to opt out of spoilers, and to tag any comment with spoilers in them with spoilers warnings.

-Lastly, and most importantly, we have noticed that several people have dropped from the reserves without giving the moderators any notification or heads-up about it. While it is absolutely the player's prerogative to do so, and while we have not asked for it in the past, starting today, we are going to start asking for players who have reserved but ultimately cannot play starting next week, to please inform us before dropping.

As we are now once more only 2/3 of the way towards the player cap as of this writing, which is about the minimum number of players that we would be able to run a game with, dropping a reserve can - and will - continue to change the dynamics and even the fate of the round and its participants significantly, if not outright prevent us from running the game, and we need to be able to accommodate those potential eventualities in a timely manner. At the moment, we still have enough reserves that the game will still run on May 15th, but if we drop below 10, the game will become much harder for the moderators to run, and it is unlikely we would be able to run a decent round. That, we believe, is inherently unfair to players who are still able to play and have put in applications. Thus, we need the heads-up so that, if we need to delay the game's start date (since, aside from the anticipated Airlocked R2, Foolish Mortals also announced their mock week after we announced our start date!) we can prepare to do that.

With that said, we're more than mid-way through with the week. We still have five slots open, and we encourage potential players to come in and reserve before May 14th! Good luck, and no matter what happens we'll see you this Monday, May 15th!