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There are 15 strangers in this place. Someone knows why. And its clear the odds are stacked against you.

You're here, in what can only be described as a primitive bunker. Where are are you? What happened to your powers? Your memories? And who else has been so unlucky as to be brought in with you? And why are the rules so...authoritarian?

You have been, er, "blessed" with a power. Its not a power you want or care for, but its yours now. You might want to try an control it, lest you hurt someone else. That is...unless you want to. Just don't blow up any public property while you're at it.

Nothing says trapped like being in an underground stone prison. But you're here now. Here with no technology or modern convenience of any kind. How in the world will you fare? Aside from just drinking all the time. That's probably what all the booze in the kitchen is for, after all.

The Intercessor has announced the motive for the week. Clearly someone has it out for you to kill. How will you react? Will you stand against such an insult and help others to fight the temptation? Or perhaps, you yourself are tempted...?

One of your own has died - been killed. The Inquisition has started. The body lies before you, and now you must discern the truth from the clues before you. But can you when you mourn? Or, perhaps you don't mourn the dead. Perhaps you're only playing along because you know more than you let on.

The Intercessor did warn you that killing is little more than a violent cycle in this game. Now you're here, looking to condemn the responsible killer. If you do, they die. If you don't, you die. Whatever happens, you have to figure out what will happen. And what did happen. But can you?

Perhaps you want to do something else other than the above. A different prompt entirely. Perhaps, then, you will.
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Eric | Zero Time Dilemma | OTA

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[Eric is wandering around the bunker with a hand to his mouth, brows furrowed in confusion. It's not that he woke up in a bunker that's got him, necessarily - but this is a different underground bunker than the one he was in before, and his bracelet is missing. What the hell? Did he just imagine all of that before? But it's so similar, and ... he's still alive. Mira and the others must be too, but for now all he can do is knock on all the other doors and see if they're in one of them. Even if they survived the vote, he can't help but be nervous, because this was clearly not a joke.]

Hey! It's me! Come on, open up!

[Of course, he'd expect to be trapped with the other DCOM participants like before, so he doesn't bother giving his name.

The first time, when he finishes knocking, a glint of silver on his left hand catches his eye. He'd hardly noticed the small weight with everything else strange, but this is on his ring finger. It almost looks like... a wedding band...]

Huh? This...

[Suddenly, his heart is pounding. He doesn't know if he's angry, worried, or excited.]

Someone's screwing with me, right? W-What the hell is going on?


[After the details of the powers are sent out, Eric's standing with his hands folded, hugging himself at the pits as he frowns and looks at the others passing by. Finally, he speaks up to someone who is just minding their own business.]

Can you believe that guy? I mean... We have a "power" now? Who's going to believe something that crazy?

[He totally wants to try his out.]
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[personal profile] poorlovefool 2017-05-08 10:28 pm (UTC)(link)
[A pause. He doesn't even know why he asked the literal skeleton.]

...Right, I guess you would.

But you're probably a hologram or something, right?

[Never mind that there is no technology whatsoever in this place. He's going to swipe his hand directly at Papyrus.]
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[Swipe! Right on his arm.



[He is legitimately disappointed.]
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[ Junpei opens his door when there's a knock and glares out of it. He's been agonizing over a similar ring to Eric's for awhile and therefore he's not in the mood to be bothered. He's about to give a rude remark when he sees that Eric is in a confused state to say the least. He has little reason to give a shit about the man but he mentally backpedals anyway. Even Junpei isn't salty enough to kick a pathetic guy while he's down, okay?]

Hey, uh, you okay there?
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Junpei? [Eric blinks. That's not who he was expecting to see here, since the teams were kept separate. But he feels a little relieved seeing him. Q-Team voted for C-Team, so if he's there, and Eric's there too, it means the plan must have worked. He smiles for a half second, enough to distract him from the fact that it is definitely not cool that he got caught agonizing over something - a long enough pause that Junpei could still have seen the ring even after he hastily puts his hand behind his back. He doesn't want there to be any misunderstandings here.]

- I'm fine. Just not sure what the hell we're doing here. Have you seen Mira?

[Junpei doesn't seem to have left his room, but... well, you never know. Mira could have gotten scared and gone looking for him too!]
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[personal profile] ebonyknight 2017-05-08 10:51 pm (UTC)(link)
[The Black Knight had settled back in her barracks after giving the area a thorough look over. She didn't have anything that she couldn't explain away but... there was something missing. When she heard knocking she opened the door and--that wasn't her two agents or her doll.

Hello, Eric. There's a tall figure clad in black armor looking down at you. Through the eye-holes a pair of green eyes narrow at him.]

If I knew about it, I wouldn't be here. My best guess is that some rogue agent from outside the Empire brought us here.

[The knight speaks clearly, though bitterly, in a deep voice. Who the hell brought them here?]
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[Whoa, that sure is an armored lady. But bright green eyes! Then it must be,]

Oh, Mi-!

[No, wait, even if it turned out that Mira shared his cosplay hobbies (and he thinks her armor is GREAT by the way so that would be like a dream come true) this woman is much too tall. He stops himself, trying to listen more carefully.]

A, a rogue agent? [And, 'the Empire?' WHICH Empire? Did this just turn into a fantasy LARP? Either way, he's got to figure this out for now.]

Okay, but who ... are you, exactly? You weren't a part of the experiment.

[That makes her suspicious. Even if she looks cool and like she can kick his ass. This could be bad.]
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[She wouldn't take off her helmet for the moment, there was no point in it but she eyed him over a little. A villager? From what island? Admittedly she wasn't versed in the many different islands of the Skydom as she probably should have been. She stops.]

My name is unimportant. I'm the Black Knight, Adviser to the Erste Empire and one of the Luminary Knights.

[Though...] Experiment? That's unusual. This area doesn't seem like a normal empire facility.

[Furias, you better not be doing weird experiments behind her back.]

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[personal profile] almightyconflagration 2017-05-08 11:52 pm (UTC)(link)
[McBurn yawns quite loudly in response, as if he's bored by the question.]

What? You never seen arts or magic before?
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Sure, in the movies. Anything in real life is just a trick. Even kids know that.

[The idea that there are people who believe magicians cast real spells makes him feel pretty smug though.]
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[Well, he doesn't exactly know what Eric means by movies, but is guessing it's some sort of childish story being referred to.

Still, he feels like this is just something better to demonstrate. The powers he got here were similar enough to what he had back home, so it wasn't hard to figure out the basics and with a thought Eric suddenly has the equivalent of a bucket of water dumped over his head, sans an actual bucket.]

Just a trick? Dare you to find where that came from.

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[personal profile] ratkicker 2017-05-09 03:27 pm (UTC)(link)
[The voice on the opposite side of the door is unfamiliar, but it's panicking just as must as Jade is. She rushes and swings the door open - inward - to see a man staring at his hand like it's been infected.]

What happened? Where are we?!
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Sans | Undertale | OTA

[personal profile] abonefallofpuns 2017-05-14 06:44 am (UTC)(link)

[Give a little, get a little, is that how it goes? Honestly, Sans never paid attention to that sort of thing, but what he did pay attention to was the strange... confiscation on arrival. He couldn't teleport, he couldn't manipulate space, he couldn't even really call up on his magic. And yet now, not too long later, something else has come back.

And it's... strange, yet a little fascinating.

"Gravity" was what Sans had thought best described it, eying the random office supplies floating around him as he practiced it. It was, in theory, similar to the ability he and Papyrus already had; in practice, it was actually quite different, and he's almost tempted to write this stuff down like he used to do.

He could affect anything with this. Not just souls or other monsters, but inanimate objects and even himself, leading to the odd sort of half-laying float he's got going on now. Having it so variable, especially without requiring a SOUL to exert on, it's actually pretty fun, he has to admit. Even in this grim circumstance.

Though for everyone else, the sight of a room full of flying objects and a floating skeleton might be just a little... strange.]

oh, hey, kid. need paper or something?

[And of course, being Sans, he has to "miss" the obvious reason and instead offer random supplies to everyone who comes by.]
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[personal profile] defriendestration 2017-05-14 07:02 am (UTC)(link)

[Because that's how it would work! Right! Right!]
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[personal profile] abonefallofpuns 2017-05-14 07:04 am (UTC)(link)
gonna make a jumble?

[Sans flicks his wrist, floating down a full sheaf of paper and various pens -- some colored -- to his brother to use. He sincerely doubts it's gonna work, but hey. He won't tell Pap that.]
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[personal profile] socialhacktivist 2017-05-14 07:20 am (UTC)(link)
[Getting kidnapped? Totally freaky. Floating... talking... skeleton? Instinct calls that an enemy. Or at least a danger. Jumping three feet in the air and putting some space between them is a must,
while she tries to calm down her heart rate.

Hwaaaaaa--ait. Are those...?

[But it's just. Floating around. With...] supplies?

['s not quite so scary from behind the corner of a stone table. It's a valid hiding spot okay.]
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[personal profile] abonefallofpuns 2017-05-14 07:25 am (UTC)(link)
not bad.

[Screaming and leaping three feet in the air, while unexpected, is impressive, and Sans holds up a piece of paper with a lazily-written "7" on it.]

yep. found 'em around and in the office. want some?
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[personal profile] kiddefender 2017-05-14 03:37 pm (UTC)(link)
[If she wasn't used to Filo talking and hadn't seen the skellys walking around she probably would have attacked him. But then again the skeletons she's seen normally are more menacing.

That doesn't stop her tail from puffing up.]

Yes, thank you. I'm trying to work out how these ruins work, writing them might help.
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Raphtalia | The Rising of the Shield hero

[personal profile] kiddefender 2017-05-14 03:16 pm (UTC)(link)
1. Arrival
[This isn't her bench in Filo's carriage. After shoving the letter and thoroughly searching the room, she ends up pulling a drawer out completely. It's not the best thing to use as a weapon. But mashing it in someones face would give her time to run.

Hope you aren't too close to her door, because she's ready.

If you aren't close then you're safe. Because she stares for a moment then lowers the makeshift weapon. And gives you the most innocent smile she can muster.]

Hello there!

[Nailed it!]

7. Wildcard - Armory
[She hasn't found her sword. But she has found lots of them to try. If their free to use the things here then why can't she find some good ones? A small niggling feeling that makes her ears twitch is telling her she needs a replacement.

Which is why she's currently picking up various swords, examining them. Then finally giving them a few experimental swings.]

None of these have blood clear on... Do they clean them all by hand?
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[personal profile] smooth_moves 2017-05-15 02:06 am (UTC)(link)

[ Ah, Laslow. Drinking booze rather than tea is not his habit, yet he finds himself staring at a mug of alcohol. His head is down on the table and the mug in front of his face. He hums absently to himself, the sound far more dissonant and broken than others may be used to from him. He has taken no drink yet. The liquid inside the mug is untouched. But he is mightily tempted and that is strange. He has been upbeat the whole time that they have been stuck here... is this situation getting to even him? ]


[ Reaching for it as he sits up, he sloshes the liquid around as he considers it further, then manages to spill it out of the mug entirely. ]


[ The table, ruined! His clothes, ruined! Whatever shall he do now?! ]
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[personal profile] smooth_moves 2017-05-15 02:09 am (UTC)(link)
[ OH GOD IT'S THE SKELETON - take a deep breath, Laslow, it's fine! It's just like talking to a person, only if they had no skin! ]

Ah, I have no idea... but perhaps anything was better than this?

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